Wrongful/Constructive Dismissal

Finding a job is challenging especially a job that you enjoy. This is why once you find a great job, you work very hard to meet the demands of your employer. The work environment however does come with challenges. One of them is wrongful or constructive dismissal.

If you are a victim of wrongful or constructive dismissal, you have the right to file a lawsuit. We have adequate experience in representing clients who have suffered from wrongful or constructive dismissal cases. Here are some circumstances that initiate this type of lawsuit:

  • When the employer is in breach of the work or employment contract. Here are some examples:
    • When the employer cuts your pay or fringe benefits unlawfully. It is worse when he or she decides not to pay you at all.
    • When you are demoted to a lesser role than the one you had before for no justifiable reason.
    • Changing your duties or job description without your consent. There are cases where the employer changes the working hours.
    • Refusing time off for holidays and off days
    • Threats of dismissal if you do not accept the current employment conditions
    • There are times when the employer makes it impossible for the employee to do his job effectively such as confusing the tasks, repeated interruption and uncommunicated deadlines.
    • Failure of the employer to offer support to allow you to accomplish the tasks efficiently
    • Forcing you to do the work of other colleagues without pay.
    • Vandalizing the work station
    • Forcing you to attend social events such as parties at night.
  • When there is a breach of the work contract and you did not accept the breach
  • When you were forced to resign because of the breach of the work contract.

As soon as you contact us for wrongful or constructive dismissal, we will ask you to gather evidence to prove that indeed you were unjustly dismissed. We will locate witnesses and gather other evidence that are necessary to ensure that you are compensated for your loss and emotional suffering in the hands of the employer. Some of the damages that we assist our clients in claiming include loss of wages, benefits, holiday payment, commissions, health insurance and pensions. We also claim interests for our clients.

We always advise our clients to ensure that they look for another job to avoid further damages. Depending on the circumstances, we will ensure that you recover from the unjust treatment of your employer. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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