Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is a life altering injury. Many decisions about the care of the victim must be made including a decision for long term care. Many times medical practitioners will tell you that medical treatment will be needed for rest of the person’s life. It will include medication, treatment, hospital stays, rehabilitation and more. The cost of such treatment for the rest of the person’s life can easily climb into millions. It becomes critical to get legal representation and get the compensation necessary so that most of the financial needs can be met.

One can hardly talk of spinal cord injuries without speaking of brain injuries as well. Usually these come in the form of a closed brain injury or an open brain injury and both can lead to full paralysis or can be fatal. Like spinal injuries, brain injuries are generally followed by treatment, medication and therapy for the long term. It is therefore advisable that one take insurance cover that will cater to both spinal and brain injury. Should this kind of injury happen, our lawyers can then be able to fight for you to receive maximum compensation.

A free consultation with one of our lawyers will give you a clear understanding of your legal rights as well as entitlements in the face of spinal cord injuries. Our firm has lawyers who have the necessary experience and expertise to take on personal injury cases that involve spinal cord. We have the resources and skills needed to take on the insurance companies that will fight tooth and nail to frustrate your compensation. Our legal team will put you at ease. We are committed to making sure that your best interests are taken care of. Our goal is to win the case and have you duly compensated for your loss.

If you or a loved one has had either a spinal injury or a brain injury that was sustained in an accident you are facing astronomical costs financially, not to mention the toll of such an injury on your social life and your emotions, then get in touch with us today. Many times there is loss of income as well and suffering to the family of the victim. It is important that you call our team of personal injury lawyers who are more than qualified to handle such a case and deliver positive results. We have assisted others in similar situations to receive full compensation and we promise to assist you in the same manner.