Orthopaedic Injuries

Orthopaedic injuries arise when the musculoskeletal system is injured. This is a network of ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles and bones. Physicians who are trained in knee and hip, joint, shoulder or foot and ankle treat these injuries. The diagnosis and treatment involves imaging procedures and surgeries that can be minimally invasive to very comprehensive ones.

Orthopaedic injuries can be catastrophic and lead to long term or permanent disability. There are cases where the victim suffers from disfigurement. Multiple surgeries are required and in most cases, a lifetime of medication.

Common orthopaedic injuries

  • Arthritis. This can affect the hand, the knee, foot, hip or ankle.
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • ACL injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Fractures on the hip and wrist.

The above injuries can arise when you are involved in a car accident because of negligence of another party. For instance, fractures are all too common in car crashes. These can be so severe that the victim is permanently disfigured or suffers from a severe fracture. This can lead to days or even months in hospitals and corrective surgeries. This can take a toll on the victim as well as the family members especially if the victim is the sole bread winner of the family.

If you or your loved one has suffered from any of these injuries due to negligence of another party, you need to hire an attorney. We will assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries. The key factors that we consider are the nature of the orthopaedic injuries and the debilitation. We work with expert witnesses who look at the medical report of the doctor and advise on the extent of the debilitation in the future.

Orthopaedic injuries also have an effect on the quality of life on the victim. In cases of permanent injuries, we will seek compensation for medical expenses, future medical costs, therapy and rehabilitation. Additionally, our clients can expect compensation for loss of income as the permanent disability prevents you from working now and in the future.

In all personal injury cases, the victim is entitled to damages. In this case, we will ensure that you are justly compensated for all the physical pain, emotional distress and the financial burden the injury has caused to you and your family.

Call us now and request for free consultation with one of the best lawyers that are qualified in handling personal injury cases. We understand the medical process and have the capacity to negotiate a suitable settlement on your behalf.

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