Occupier’s Liability

In simple words, Occupier’s Liability is the law that states that occupiers of a property whether they are permanent owners of the property or just renting the property have liability in case a visitor or even a trespasser of the said property ends up in an accident caused by the defects or lack of care for the said property. This law clearly indicates the difference between a trespasser and a visitor.

So, when you go to other people’s property, the owner or the renter of that property has the responsibility to make sure the surrounding is safe so you won’t end up having accidents caused by negligence. If one encounters an accident in another’s property and it has been proven that the accident occurred because the occupier did not ensure the safety of his surroundings, the one who suffered the accident may be entitled to some legal compensation. If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer to help you get your legal compensation in Occupier’s Liability cases, then search no further. We at The Injury Lawyers will be happy to be of service to you.

We offer free consultation so we can discuss whether or not you are really entitled to compensation depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Here are some possible reasons of accidents that are caused by negligence from the side of the property’s occupier: You fall off because it was snowy and the ice hasn’t been cleared. You slip because of a slippery surface that should have been cleaned up to avoid such accidents. You couldn’t see properly because the area is not well-lit. Conditions of the property can also be cause for danger such as items or appliance falling on you or there are unsealed wires around and you got electrocuted.

We at The Injury Lawyers want to know where the accident took place and if that property is a private or public property. Other information will also be essential in order for us to be able to fight for you to claim your compensation from the injury you suffered. Injuries from accidents should be checked and compensation need to be paid whether by the person involved or by their insurance company where they are policyholders. This is a complex process and if you want to push to receive your right for a claim then we can help you get that in the appropriate manner.

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