Home Insurance claims

When purchasing a home, you will discover that you need home insurance. This policy will assist you in the event that your home suffers from unintentional damage such as water, fires, wind, theft and vandalism. There are some homeowners who go for the comprehensive cover where the insurance offers liability coverage as well as a complete hazard cover.

The following outlines home insurance coverage:

  • Coverage of the house and its furnishings. These are the personal items and the structures that are on the property. These include the pool, a separate garage and or a home business.
  • Personal liability: This happens when guests or visitors are injured in your home. For instance, if a guest comes for a party at your home and trips and falls on your child’s skate board, your homeowners insurance should be able to pay for the medical expenses of the guest.

Typical hazard coverage does not include business equipment, natural disasters and loss of jewelry or art. Therefore, if your house is in a location that is prone to fires and other natural disasters, it is important to seek additional insurance.

Finding a good home owners insurance

In states that are prone to forest fires, tornadoes and other natural disasters, it can be difficult to find a good home insurance cover. This is because of the high payouts especially for molds and frozen water pipes that cause water damage. Indeed if you have filed a number of home insurance claims lawyer, it can be challenging to find an insurer who is willing to sell you a good cover.

When this happens, you can negotiate with the insurer and also insist that it is a requirement to obtaining the home.

As lawyers, we always ensure that our clients are compensated through the home owners insurance when it is necessary. We do not want our clients to lose their homes so that they are able to pay medical bills and other expenses. A rule of thumb when you file for home insurance claims is that the insurer pays based on the costs that you have incurred to repair the home after damage. We will ensure that you receive your claim by negotiating with the insurance adjuster on your behalf.

As lawyers, we seek to ensure that you benefit from the home insurance coverage. It is always reassuring that you do not have to worry about losing your home in the event that your guest suffers an accident. When this happens, contact us. We have your best interests in mind.

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