Fire and Water Claims

Fire and water claims involve a lot of money. The insurance adjuster will carefully review the claim before approval. You need to contact our lawyers so that we can document the claim and ensure that it is approved for compensation.

Claims from water damage

Water damage is caused by floods, broken pipes and tornadoes. The costs include but not limited to remediation and reconstruction. More often than not, the insurance company will not cover the damages.

Generally, water claims that are covered include those caused by natural calamities such as storms or tornadoes. The insurance adjuster will look for excuses and can cite poor maintenance of property to deny you compensation. This is why it is important to talk to us as soon as your property suffers from water damage. Insurance companies also cover water damage because of frozen pipes. Indeed there are cases where molds can damage the property because of water.

Fire claim

Fires can also affect your property. Indeed fire could spreads from the neighbour’s house to yours leading to loss of property. Other causes include natural calamities especially during severe summers. If you suffer from loss of property because of fire, you need to file a fire claim with your insurer. We will assist you in this process. We begin by carefully looking at your insurance policy and prepare the claim with the following considerations:

  • The date the fire occurred.
  • The loss that you suffered. This is monetized
  • The location that the fire occurred
  • The condition of the property
  • The description of all the contents that were damaged.

If you suffer from fire and floods, it is important to let us know immediately. We will speak with the insurance adjuster on your behalf so that you can overcome the loss and the setback that comes from the damage. The first thing we will do is to assist you in filing a flood or fire claim. We will provide the much needed consultation in the process and insurance claims. We will then negotiate the best settlement with the insurer.

We represent businesses and homeowners in damage claims, from the claim process to preparing a statement to prove the loss that you have suffered. Our lawyers will also guide you during the examination where you will be under oath to substantiate the claim if and when it is denied. Our lawyers have experience representing clients who have suffered water damage and loss from fire. Your financial recovery is therefore our priority. Call us today for a free evaluation of the case.

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