Disability Claims

An injury that causes disability is one that impacts and in fact changes the life of the injured person completely. It can be a short term disability but in some instances, the disability is long term. When the disability is classified as long term, the person is often no longer able to work either for an extended amount of time, or for the rest of their life. It can often mean that the person’s financial situation is impacted negatively since they are not able to earn while at the same time, the cost of medication and medical care goes through the roof.

Why do you need a Lawyer?

Even with long term disability insurance cover you may find that insurance companies may be reluctant to meet their end of the bargain. Often they will raise objections saying that the applicant is really not disabled, or that he or she is not disabled enough to be entitled to receive of benefits or even that you, the applicant, misrepresented your medical condition when putting in your claim application.

In order to obtain the necessary compensation, the services of a lawyer who is both dedicated and experienced are often needed. Our goal is to ensure that you get the proper amount due to you in compensation. Our lawyers have the experience needed with full knowledge of the compensation due to you.

On other occasions you may have the benefits paid out initially, but along the way they may be stopped while you are still unable to go back to work. In such an ugly situation, our lawyers will step in and ensure that your benefits are restored until such a time as you are able to go back to work and make a living.

With our years of experience and determination to fight for our clients, you can be sure that we will provide you the kind of legal support you need. We understand clearly the complexities that surround long term disability claims and with our reliable and trusted advocacy, we will do all in our power to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you find yourself in a dispute with an insurance claim perhaps regarding the psychological trauma you may have suffered or how much chronic pain you are in, or any other issue for that matter, give us a call. If for whatever reason you feel that your disability benefits were denied wrongfully, contact us and let us defend you.