Bus Accidents

Most of us use buses to commute to work or school. So when bus accidents happen, many victims suffer from injuries. Very severe accidents result in death. Bus accidents are often challenging when it comes to proving liability and holding the liable party accountable. It is for this reason that you need a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will assist you in seeking compensation for the injuries.

Here are some of the issues that arise after bus accidents:

  • When the accident is caused by another motorist, as a pedestrian, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit. In this case, we will help you file a third party claim with the insurer of the driver so that you are compensated for the injuries and expenses that you incur after the accident.
  • It gets complicated when the bus driver is at fault. This is because buses are operated by school districts, government entities and bureaus that deal with public transportation. Indeed statistics prove that the highest rate of accidents is caused by school buses. Therefore the case is more than just filing an insurance claim. We will help you contact the insurer of the bus so that you can be compensated for your injuries.
  • There are cases where the bus insurer denies the claim. In this case, we will file a notice of claim to the government agency that has hired the driver. In the notice of claim, there will be a description of the accident including the date and time. The circumstances that led to filing of the claim are also included. The names and address of the victim of the accident is also indicated.

What to Do After Bus Accidents

As soon as you suffer from a bus accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention to avoid the injuries from getting worse. Additionally, having a medical report is proof that you were involved in the accident and suffered injuries.

While buses are fairly safe for transportation, it is important to hire a lawyer when you are involved in an accident. We are here to assist you file the notice of claim and also follow up on the case until you are compensated. We will work with you through the case and explain the options that are available in your case. Our focus is to ensure that the financial burden that comes with bus accidents is lifted off of you and that you get your life back to normal.

If you are a victim of bus accidents, contact us as soon as possible.

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