Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists have the right to use the road as other motorists. Indeed this makes them vulnerable to hazards and injuries on the road. What you do immediately after the injuries will affect your case and the damages that you receive to cater for your injuries and pain and suffering.

Causes of bicycle accidents

  • Colliding with cars on intersections.
  • Road hazards such as potholes and sewer grates
  • Harsh weather
  • Cycling without a helmet

What to do after a bicycle accident

It is important for you to wait for the police to arrive so that they can file a police report. Even when you think you are ok, the report will assist you when you realize you were injured later on. We advise you not to leave the accident scene in case the injuries can develop to serious problems. You also need to remain so that you are able to identify the other party involved in the accident.

As a cyclist, you need to have proof that indeed you followed all the traffic rules and did not cause the accident. Having the contact information for witnesses and the driver can be helpful in your case. Do not forget to record the license plate number, the phone number and the insurance information of the driver.

You need to seek medical attention immediately no matter how minor your injuries. Seeking medical attention shows proof of injuries and also the extent to which you were injured. It is very important to call us immediately so that we can advise you on how to proceed. This is very important as it determines the amount of compensation that you will receive from the insurer or if you should file a lawsuit.

Cyclists must preserve the evidence of the accident. You can leave your bike as it is after the accident and take photos of the scene of the accident. This evidence will assist us in filing a successful case against the insurer of the driver.

We always advise our clients never to negotiate with the driver at the scene of the accident. Most of them accept blame only to change their minds when the insurer is sought for compensation. There are situations where the police will take the driver’s statement and not bother about your own. Always make sure that your information is also indicated in the police report.

As bicycle accident lawyers, we ensure that you are compensated for your injuries and property damage. Do not hesitate to call us in the event that this happens.

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