Animal and Dog Bites

Many households own animals, particularly dogs, and consider them as part of the family. It is really wonderful to own a pet as it helps relieve you of stress as they give you unconditional love. But, owning a pet entails a lot of responsibility and you, as the pet owner, will be held responsible in case your animal ends up biting people.

You can train your pet to be obedient and friendly but even the friendliest animal can accidentally bite a person especially when that person is new to them. Though the owner will be held liable for such accidental bites, the owner can be protected by an insurance policy that covers this type of liability. This means that the insurance coverage will be the one to finance for the treatment of the animal bite. There are dog owner liability types of insurance that you can get and it is quite recommended that you get an insurance coverage for this especially if you see yourself owning pets and want to bring them around your neighborhood. There are other insurance coverage too and our personal injury lawyers are well experienced to assist you in finding the coverage that would work best for you.

Now, if you are not the animal owner rather you are the victim of an animal or dog bite, we can also assist you. If the pet owner is not willing to assist you and claim that it is your fault why you got bitten, our personal injury lawyers can help you with that as well. We can give you free consultation and you can discuss with us completely what happened and who are the people and animals involved in the scenario and we’ll see what we can do so we can assist you to get your claims especially claims for your medical bills and other financial needs. If the animal bite caused you to miss days of work then that too is accounted for in making a claim.

We would be so happy to help you whether you are an animal owner or you are the victim of the animal bite. For owners, it would be best to get yourself acquainted with your responsibilities not just for the welfare of your pet but also in cases of bites you are also responsible for the liabilities. Our personal injury lawyers can also help you in finding the right insurance coverage and proper orientation on your responsibilities. So not only will you get the right insurance coverage but you will also learn about how to responsibly prevent bites in the first place.

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